Autumn capsule sweet spot

Blackberries 2There are now two key points in the year when I luxuriate in a post-shopping haze. When my spring/summer and my autumn/winter capsules have been broadly sorted out.

I do enjoy filling the gaps in my capsules with some careful, intentional shopping. But, oh the relief, when this has been achieved.

And this from someone who used to consider shopping to be a primary source of exercise!

Also, I have noticed that I shop less than before, as the clothing gaps are getting fewer and fewer, mainly because:

  • I’m much clearer about what is in my wardrobe.
  • Therefore, I’m know exactly where the gaps are.
  • I invest more in quality pieces, which last and last.
  • I’m clearer about my personal style.
  • I mix and match far more between my work and casual wardrobes.
  • I carry more pieces between capsules now, rather than having specific, seasonal clothes.
  • I’m more conscious about ‘cost per wear’.
  • And finally – contrary to what I would have originally assumed – I’m a much, MUCH fussier shopper.


Capsule 2When I look at my autumn capsule now, I think I have found the ‘sweet spot’. I have everything I need, I won’t need to concern myself with shopping for quite a while and I’m happy with everything I have.

I notice that, if I buy something and I’m not completely happy, it continues to niggle away at me. Whereas if I’m happy with a purchase, I get a lot of pleasure out of wearing it but otherwise I don’t dwell on it. So really, I should only buy things I’m completely happy with – who knew?! Awful that I needed to go through a whole process to figure out that blindingly obvious principle but there you go!

Have a great week 😊

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  1. September 30, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    The same goes for our homes amenities…let’s plan to purchase what will make us the most happy. In style, function and regarding our budgets. We are all unique yet all alike when we hit the sweet spot! Now I am off to Goodwill with a few wardrobe items that have not made the cut!

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    • September 30, 2018 at 4:52 pm

      Hi Laurel, you’re absolutely right – this principle can extend far past our wardrobes and into our homes as well. And I’m sure Goodwill will welcome you with open arms! Lxx


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