Summer capsule 2018

2018-06-17 Clothes

Last week, I wrote about my summer capsule and how I use the Marie Kondo principle of ensuring an item ‘sparks joy’, before deciding to include it.

I got a couple of queries regarding the detail of what was actually in my capsule, so here goes …

  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 3 pairs of trousers
  • 3 skirts
  • 5 dresses
  • 2 jackets
  • 2 cardigans
  • 10 tops
  • 3 pairs of sandals and 1 pair of shoes
  • 1 blazer, 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 bag

I wear jeans so much during the year that I try to cut back a little in summer, although one of skirts is a denim one. The trousers are smart/casual (that ever-useful description) which means I can wear them in the office, as well as off-duty. I love dresses but sometimes can’t be bothered to wrestle with tights in the middle of winter so like to wear them a lot more in the summer.

I work in a professional environment so don’t wear denim to work but the smart/casual is a good cross-over for work and play.

I fondly remember the days when I thought I needed two capsules, one for work and one for casual wear. So, you know, 66 pieces per season! It sounds ridiculous to me now but looking back, it was the best thing I’ve ever done. There was no other way I would have found out the degree of crossover I could have between the two aspects of my wardrobe. It was only when I started wearing different pieces to work or when going out with friends that I saw how easily they could translate.

I took the advice of Courtney Carver, of Project 333, and dressed my casual wear up slightly and my workwear down slightly. This gave a huge amount of versatility to my wardrobe and, to the best of my knowledge, no-one ever remarked on it. I can now comfortably have 33 pieces each season, that fit all aspects of my lifestyle. Or sometimes, I have a cheeky 34/35 and still lead a normal life!! It’s whatever works best for me that season.

Have a great week 😊

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  1. June 27, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    Lorraine, I’m loving the patterns you have going on there! And you make such a good point about crossover between workwear and casual/weekend clothing. When I think about my wardrobe, there’s hardly any crossover at all, but I know I could cut back even more if I were to think carefully about which things are the most versatile and try to intentionally plan outfits around those items. It seems we all have at least a few items that can somehow be dressed up or down, and they just always look the part!

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    • June 28, 2018 at 8:40 am

      Hi Lisa, do you know, it was only when I looked at the picture again that I saw what you meant about the patterns – you’re right. My bottoms, like jeans and skirts tend to be plain, so it’s nice to have a bit of pattern or colour happening on top! Versatility is key to having more of a ‘crossover’ wardrobe – frankly, it’s an ongoing task! Lxxx

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      • June 28, 2018 at 11:01 am

        Oh I am totally the same – always plain on bottom and more colourful on top! Kudos to those who can pull off really colourful patterned bottoms, but alas I’m not one of them! Lorraine, you are always such a wardrobe inspiration (and an inspiration in general!!). 🙂

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        • June 28, 2018 at 12:24 pm

          Thank you, my pet and right back at you!! Lxxx ❤

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  2. June 18, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    Dove fair to medium gradual sun tan cream for me. Especially when it’s at offer price. I managed to send a skirt to the charity shop today! Although I am considering doing winter and summer wardrobes for my sports kit. I need loads as I get through almost 14 sets a week and can’t keep up with the washing. Although there’s a pile of winter kit that could easily be packed away until October x

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    • June 18, 2018 at 5:39 pm

      Hiya Nik, good for you sending the skirt off – was it the one that use to make you itch?! Good idea to separate your winter and summer kits, so you can see how many you have. But you need quite a few as you work out every day so it sounds as though these bring you immense value. Lxx

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      • June 18, 2018 at 5:59 pm

        The itchy skirt has gone! Definitely need to separate sports kit. My drawers are rammed I don’t know what is at the bottom 😲

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  3. June 17, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    Thanks for your like of my post on “Preemie Baby Evie;” you are very kind.

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    • June 17, 2018 at 9:28 pm

      I couldn’t believe how tiny Evie was – I do hope things are improving, Lxx

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  4. June 17, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    Oh you are so cheeky! I also love the ease of dresses to look professional or casual with a few changes. But oh how I hate my white legs and am not a sun person. So I use Sally Hansen leg “makeup” which hides the flaws and shave marks without being that horrid orange fake tan look. It dries quick and does not rub off too bad but washes off clothing and skin nicely. Makes me feel good about dresses. I’ve not gotten to the fold in drawers thing yet. I hang most things so I can see everything, all seasons at once. Still very compact!

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    • June 17, 2018 at 9:25 pm

      Oh good tip, Laurel, about the leg make-up! The biggest drawback to wearing dresses and skirts is the awful milk-white leg scenario. I use a similar product from The Body Shop which makes the whole process a lot easier, Lxx


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