Sparking joy in my summer capsule!

This capsule has been a long time coming! I’m conscious how easily I could veer off course and turn this post into a weather update! But the weather has been so mixed lately that I’ve hesitated to put away the warmer clothes too soon. And mostly, that’s worked out. Except, of course, for the few sweltering days we’ve had, just to mix things up!

2018-06-10 Summer clothesSo, I took my summer clothes out of storage, decided what I was keeping from my spring capsule and if there were any gaps. The thing about summer clothes is that I don’t get a chance to wear them out, here in the UK! It’s the same, familiar items re-emerging year after year. Which is fine with me. What’s rare is wonderful and I wear these clothes so sparingly, compared to other more classic pieces in my wardrobe, that I’m always pleased to see them.

My two key reference points for my capsule are, as always, Courtney Carver over at Project 333 and Marie Kondo and her helpful mantra of ‘does this spark joy?’. The thing about that basic question is, it really is as simple as it sounds. Here’s a few little lightbulb moments I had when asking that question recently:

  • Just because it fits doesn’t mean it sparks joy! As someone whose weight has fluctuated over the years, I can get unreasonably excited, just because something fits. Note to self: This is not the same as loving something that flatters me and that suits my lifestyle.
  • Just looking at a clothing item is not the same as trying it on! When considering what pieces to bring forward from last season, I pulled out a top that is a lovely colour, a natural fabric and that fits me well. Why haven’t I reached for that more often, I wondered. So, I wore it the next day and remembered after half an hour why I don’t reach for it. It’s so itchy. I suffered a day at work in it and then consigned it. Itchy tops do not spark joy!
  • Every box needs to be ticked to experience the joy! Too often, during previous wardrobe purges, I persuade myself that something sparks joy, even though it’s (here comes the caveat!):
    • slightly small
    • slightly big
    • wrong shade of a good colour
    • itchy fabric (see above!)
    • not my style any more

Delete as appropriate! How I could persuade myself that a top sparks joy when I’m constantly pulling at it because it’s too small, defies reason.

I’m really looking forward to wearing my summer capsule. Anyone else started? Or am I in the slow lane?! Have a great week 😊

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  1. June 23, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Happy summer to you, Lorraine! How exciting that your latest capsule has now taken shape. 🙂 A great takeaway from this post for me is your point that looking at something is not the same as trying it on. You couldn’t speak wiser words! I have a number of items I’m holding onto at the moment that are too tight around the stomach and/or waist, but I absolutely adore them and wish they would still fit. Alas, wishing something would fit is also not the same as it actually fitting. I wore one of said items to work a few months back and as soon as I ate my lunch, the tightness around my middle from the dress became absolutely unbearable. I know I’ll have to do a major clear-out of these kinds of uncomfortable items soon, because as you say, every box needs to be ticked to experience the joy! Have a lovely summer Lorraine. Hoping all is well with you!! xxx

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    • June 23, 2018 at 1:03 pm

      Hi lovely Lisa, thanks so much for the comment. Making decisions regarding clothes on how they look is such an easy trap to fall into, isn’t it? And, for me, it also goes for when I shop for something new. I dislike online shopping because there really is no substitute for trying something on, feeling the fabric, sitting down and standing up in it! It helps make a more intentional decision regarding to buy or not to buy. Enjoy your summer although it sounds as though it will be a hectic one! Lxxx

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  2. June 12, 2018 at 6:05 am

    Oooo the itchy thing struck a chord! I have a lovely looking pale coloured tartan short skirt. That is until I wear it. Itchy itchy itchy waist band. So itchy! It’s still in the cupboard hoping it won’t itch next time I wear it. Having read your post, today is the day it goes. And it’s still only 6am. It’s going to be a good day 👍🏼xx

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    • June 12, 2018 at 8:28 am

      Hiya Nik, isn’t it amazing how hope springs eternal with our clothes?! We think something that is itchy or too small will magically become perfect over time! I think it’s great you’re saying goodbye to the skirt – you never know, it may be perfect for someone else. Hope the rest of your day goes as well, Lxx ❤


  3. June 10, 2018 at 3:56 pm

    The criteria that it’s not your style anymore is one we all have to wrap our heads around. (in our homes too) In our designs we steer our clients towards developing a true style (vs what is fashionable) and a decor that can evolve. I’ve found I can do this with my wardrobe with new shoes, scarfs and jewelry. Keeping the key pieces that can be sparked by what moves me! No itchy stuff for sure…with you there girlfriend!-laurel

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    • June 10, 2018 at 4:11 pm

      Oh Laurel – you always make me laugh!! You’re so right about the accessories – it’s much easier to change them up and have a bit more fun and flexibility with them, while retaining the core items as your ‘true’ style. Once again, you’ve shown how personal style and interior décor have so much in common 🙂 Lxx


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