Autumn capsule: planning

When I’m planning a new capsule, I have a simple technique to figure out the proportions of what type of clothes I need:

  • Calculate the hours in a week
  • Figure out how many hours I’m in sleepwear (not just asleep!)
  • Count how many hours are spent at work (including commuting)

What’s left is down-time, so approximately:

  • How much of that is in casual clothes – lounging, housework, errands …
  • How much in sports clothes?
  • How much for slightly dressier, ‘going-out’ clothes

This is what my break-down looks like:

Hours in nightwear 7 days x 8 hours 56 hours 33%
Hours in work clothes 5 days x 11 hours 55 hours 33%
Hours in casual clothes: 2 days x 16 hours

+ 5 days x 5 hours

57 hours 34%
–   Sports clothes: 5 days x 2 hours 10 hours
–   Smart/casual: 2 days x 3 hours 6 hours
–   Casual: Balance 41 hours
Hours in a week: 7 days x 24 hours 168 hours 100%

When I take this slightly more logical approach, I can see more clearly why I don’t need as many clothes as I think I do. I used to do a rough estimate that was wayyyyyy out!.

Surprisingly, there is an almost even split between the key categories. And sleepwear doesn’t even count in Project 333! This explains why my wardrobe used to get out of kilter – I would have more casual clothes than work clothes or vice versa and then feel as though I had nothing to wear.

Also, the lines between casual and work are getting more hazy – I try to buy clothes that are suitable for both, to stop me from having two capsules per season!

It doesn’t take long to do – the proportions can vary slight from season to season but for me this three-way split has it covered. Have you tried something similar? Have a great week 🙂

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