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white-shirtThe Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is one of my favourite books and is invaluable in my ongoing journey to simplicity.  When I first read it, I did a wardrobe de-clutter and it was so satisfying.  I re-phrased ‘does it spark joy?’ to ‘does it add value?’ as it worked better for me.  My raincoat doesn’t exactly spark joy but as I live in England, it adds immeasurable value.

However, looking back, I fell into a silly and obvious trap.  If, for example, I de-cluttered three worn, ill-fitting or unflattering white shirts, I then bought a single white shirt in their place, that fit my new criteria, or so I thought.  I even felt a warm, self-satisfied glow, thinking I had replaced three items with one.  If that wasn’t minimalism, what was?!!  What I didn’t do, was ask the most basic question of ‘do I actually need a white shirt?’.  Having three shirts or one was not the problem.  Having one of any item that I don’t wear or have a need for, is not helping the simplicity journey!

While I am so pleased that I carried out the initial overall wardrobe de-clutter, I now carry out a seasonal, smaller de-clutter that works better for me.  When I transition my clothes from one season to another, I review what I loved wearing and why and what I didn’t reach for and why.   The majority of pieces are either carried forward for a future capsule or I let them go, in the hope that someone else will find a use for and a pleasure in them, which had eluded me.

I then try on every piece that I had put aside for the forthcoming season and subject them to the same scrutiny.  I find the overlapping review of seasons – past and future – is a better indicator, especially now, when I have been losing some weight over the past year.  Although a season is only three months, weight loss can make a difference – and far more so with bottoms, than tops, I’ve noticed.

I still read Marie Kondo’s helpful book and dip in and out of it quite often.  She does frame her method as being a one-off tidying exercise and, if done properly, it never has to be done again.  However, I see my seasonal weeding out as an ongoing review of what suits me and my lifestyle, rather than a significant de-cluttering task.  It feels like a mindful and intentional way of reviewing and appreciating the clothes I am so lucky to have.

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  1. March 5, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Just the folding techniques alone are life changing


    • March 5, 2017 at 1:42 pm

      Hi, thanks for stopping by :-). Yes, the folding techniques are amazing. One of the many advantages of them was the subsequent de-clutter of many hangers! Everything is now folded in drawers – neat and space-saving, Lol

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