Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

tapestry-of-nice-ladyI’ve just created my spring capsule wardrobe.  It seems to have coincided with the tail-end of Storm Doris and cooler weather than we’ve been having recently, but so be it.  The excitement of packing away my winter wardrobe and planning my spring one leaves no room to angst about the weather.

I have been doing a capsule wardrobe for about eighteen months now.  I am a fan of Courtney Carver and her Project 333 capsule wardrobe experiment.  I tried it for a couple of seasons and then went to see Courtney give a talk in London about her inspiration in creating it and how she has got on ever since.  This gave me an even greater boost and I never want to go back to an over-stuffed wardrobe again.

I know it’s not for everybody but I really enjoy both the process and the results.  I like the clearing out of one capsule to make room for another.   I like the rigour of examining each piece of clothing to see if it can be stored for another season or another capsule (most make it through) and trying to be honest about pieces that don’t fit me, my lifestyle or simply just don’t make me feel good.  With a reduced number of pieces, every item has to earn its place.  Often, it’s only by wearing clothes for a season, that I can see how well or not they suit me.

I work full-time, in a professional environment, so I started out thinking I needed two capsules – one for work and one for more casual days.  They each had over 33 items!  I soon found that I didn’t wear half of the clothes and that a surprising number were suitable for both work and casual dress.  So, I stopped doing that!  I now have one mix-and-match wardrobe that ranges between 33 and 37 pieces.  When I shop now, I try to pick clothes that are as versatile as possible.  That also helps me shop more mindfully.  When you have to stop and think what other clothes your potential new piece will go with and how many outfits you can create from it, it’s surprising how many pieces find their way back to the rail.

My biggest discovery?  I don’t need nearly as much as I think I do 🙂


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